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5AHITN @Holodeck

August mit HTL VillachKnowing what abbreviations and certain names that do not have a meaning per se stand for is often the key into a professional field. We can now unravel the mystery of what our blog title implies right now:

On 27.11.2013 the 5AHITN of the HTL Villach (Higher Technical School) visited the Cisco Office in Vienna – the host: August Sarkany, product specialist for Unified Communications and Collaboration across several countries.

As an alumni of a HTL himself, he knows how to deliver topics like Cisco company history, video technology of today or Cisco certifications without boredom spreading widely.

The “Internet of Everything” and what this could be had to be part of the agenda. Interactive discussions about the following topics touched:

  • Connected devices and applications (example: Smart metering)
  • Smart phones
  • Data protection
  • Facebook / Skype / Smart phones

To speak about the importance of certifications should be part of any agenda when speaking to young talents. Why?  Simply because a Cisco certification considerably raises your value on the job market and clearly demonstrates that you can handle situations where knowledge needs to be reproduced fast.

Interesting details uncovered:
– Android Smart Phone share in HTL classes is over 80%
– Facebook is only used in closed groups for document/information sharing
– Skype is used for Group Chats and Desk Sharing only

Nota bene: The program of the class in Vienna also included visits at Microsoft, Opel and T-Systems.

HTL Villach HolodeckThanks for coming, we enjoyed the feedback from you!


Cisco Video Internet of Everything
Schüler der 5AHITN forschen an autonomen Robotern

PS: Before it is forgotten – Holodeck is the name of the Telepresence Room at the Cisco office in Vienna. Whenever you get a chance to visit a Cisco Telepresence Room, do take advantage of this opportunity!

Teaching IT Course in English or in a local language?

pitfaallsThe language of IT is English. If we want it or not, many IT terms are adopted into other languages as they are in English. Some words out of the IT world even are adopted as verbs in many languages. The most known example is: “to google”.

Nevertheless it can also make sense to translate learning material into a local language. It depends on the people who will use the teaching and learning material. The IT  Essentials Curriculum from the Cisco Networking Academy Program is such a case. The learning content would be useful to a broad audience in vocation and general education and the translation into the national language supports its dissemination among school types and levels.

Thanks to the association IT Bildungsnetz, we are happy to soon have a German version of the IT Essentials 5.0 curriculum.

We were just informed that the first six chapters are about to be finished. So you can all imagine what mammut task we are looking at

489.278 Words in 1.291 Documents

Huge Thank You ! We salute you ! Wow !!!

The contributors

  • BBS Lingen – Bernd Kelker
  • Berufskolleg für Gestaltung und Technik der Städteregion Aachen – Peter Schmücking
  • BZTG-Oldenburg – Bernd Janßen
  • Carlo-Schmid-Schule, Internationaler Bund – Karlsruhe – Herbert Pitz
  • Eduard-Spranger-Schule Freudenstadt – Oskar Fien
  • IT Bildungsnetz –Vanessa Verstegen-Häntsch, Tobias Koeppel, Veronika Lietz
  • Kompakt e.V., Kassel, Philip Schmidt
  • Medienpädagogisch-informationstechnischer Berater (MiB) für die Realschulen in Unterfranken,
    Bessenbach – Martin Römpp
  • Robert-Bosch-Schule Ulm– Joachim Pfister
  • Staatliche Technikerschule Berlin – Stefan Platzek
  • TA Weilburg – Rainer Weigel
  • TGBBZ Völkingen – Fabian Wuillemet
  • TGBBZ1 Saarbrücken – Siegfried Wenzler, Sarah Frank, Birgit Weyand

Special thanks to Oskar Fien, Peter Schmücking and Bernd Kelker, who worked on the translation of chapter 5 and 6 with their entire classes.

Education with a future

HTL SpengergasseSpengergasse
Cisco Academy Spengergasse (CA, ASC, ITC)

By a generous donation of equipment from “Austrian Lotteries” we now have the opportunity to provide each student even in large classes their own router or switch during the lab hours. In the security area, we are able to offer in most classes each student a separate firewall during the exercises. By adaptations in the training profile, we are now able that each student in the Day School Computer Science complete all four parts of the CCNA program and furthermore the CCNAS program.

Last summer, both the conversion of the Academy Connection to Netspace and the transition from curriculum “Exploration” to the new curriculum “Routing&Switching” was performed, so that only a few classes must be taught in the old curriculum to complete (this classes complete the last part “Accessing the WAN”), all other classes were converted to Routing & Switching and currently run the “Bridging phase” parallel to the new curricula.

Some statements from our students

“The Cisco Network Academy program of HTL Spengergasse is a great addition to the school lessons, because students are forced to study on their own and gain experience through professional resources. The instructors are doing a perfect job, because they are helping whenever there is a need to do so and students are more motivated in studying.”
Freimüller Michael

“The cisco academy program provides me a great opportunity to increase my personal and technical knowledge. In addition beside the classroom training the new learning platform offers many tools and information to gain a comprehensive understanding of the networking basics and more specialized paths in a very modern way. This overall educational aim is to train the technicians of the future – and this will be my class and I.”
Herkel Dominik

“Cisco has helped me a lot in the past few years in the HTL Spengergasse. First of all, the cisco program made it a lot easier for me, to understand networking, and get an idea of how it is about. Furthermore, the materials gave me a good overview of the things I would learn in the future. Another nice fact was the cisco packet tracer. Because of the lack of time in the school-labours, it was a good alternative, where you can practice in learning to configure networks, and this helped me a lot “
Gwiasda Stefanie

“My class started doing the Cisco networking academy when we entered the second year. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much interest in the networking branch, so I did the first course with little interest. During the first year, I grew more and more interested in networking due to the exercises in the Cisco courses and the learning materials which were available online. Whenever I forgot anything during class, I preferred to refer to the Cisco learning materials instead of online materials, because of the correctness and easy understanding of the information.”
Bamgbala Abideen

Many thanks at this point has to be given to Dr. Klaus Coufal for his motivation and engagement for and in the Networking Academy at HTL Spengergasse for more today than a decade !

Foto above: Inauguration Celebration at HTL Spengergasse on October 5, 2012
Dr. Klaus Coufal (HTL Spengergasse), Dr. DI. Dr. Georg Bruckner (HTL Spengergasse),
Minister of Education Dr. Claudia Schmied (Austrian Ministry of Education, Art & Culture),
Mag. Christian Fugina (Cisco Austria),
Headmaster Mag. Wolfgang Hickel (HTL Spengergasse).

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