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Cool Event: Wings for Life World Run

A Sports Application of the Internet-of-Everything Technology
#Worldrun #Netacad

Austrians have a lot of mountains, are good sportsmen and women (at least most of them), they produce great technology and innovative ideas. Many times it stays a secret. But this is changing. Slowly but steady. The best is that governments and administration do support  new ideas and their implementation now because it was understood that this is the only way a country can sustain itself in the long run. What result do you get? Smart ideas, startups and cool events …

Here comes the COOLEST Event ever, Made in Austria:

mapOn May 4th, 2014 , at exactly 10 am UTC  the Wings for Life World Run will simultaneously start in 35 locations worldwide.

A glimpse into the Technology
Thousands of runners will run at the same time. A massive amount of data is collected real time, sent to the global race control center in Austria, processed
and published to the web for an international audience.

Wings for Life World Run – Running for those who can´t
Working together makes change happen and creates a significant impact. 100% of the proceeds from the event go to the Wings for Life foundation funding research into curing spinal cord injury.

Cisco & Tiani Spirit believe in the mission of this global event and support Wings for Life World Run
The Cisco Medical Data Exchange Solution is built on the believe that a tool empowering seamless exchange of  information will benefit everyone who has ever needed a doctor or hospital.


Joining the race is great – but how about more than that:
report about it from first hand information, come behind the scenes, meet the Technical Team ….

Interested? Check out the CALLs for participation.

Check out if your country is part of the global race

Wings for Life World Run locations

Argentina Pinamar New Zealand Auckland
Australia Busselton Norway Stavanger
Austria Donautal Peru Lima
Belgium Ieper/Ypres Poland Poznan
Brazil Florianópolis Portugal Comporta
Canada Saskatoon Romania Bucharest
Chile Santiago Slovakia Bratislava
Croatia Zadar Slovenia Ljubljana
France Hennebont South Africa Cape Town
Georgia Kakheti South Korea Jeonnam
Germany Darmstadt Spain Barcelona
Great Britain Silverstone Sweden Kalmar-Öland
India Haryana Switzerland Olten
Ireland Kerry Taiwan Hualien – Limit 3000
Italy Verona Turkey Alanya
Mexico Cancún USA – California Santa Clarita, CA
Netherlands Drenthe USA – Colorado Denver – CO,
USA – Florida Sunrise – FL


Run For a Cure with Cisco, Tiani Spirit and Wings For Life

Wings for Life World Run

Wings for Life World Run announces Partnership with Cisco & Tiani

10 most scary things people run away from

Cisco Live Executive Interview with Sujai and Martin

Tiani on the Cisco Blog



ICT IDEA Challenge


European Institute of Technology

You have a vision how to revolutionize the information and communication technologies of tomorrow? We help you to turn your vision into reality!

8 topics, 8 cities, One Challenge


Interesting Action Lines:

Smart Energy Systems
Future Networking Solutions
Future Cloud
Health & Wellbeing
Privacy, Security & Trust
Future Urban Life & Mobility
Smart Spaces
Cyber-Physical Systems


1st Prize: 40,000 €
2nd Prize: 25,000 €
3rd Prize: 15,000 €

Sounds worth looking into …

Smart Grid Dissemination Strategy Discussed

It is not an easy tasks to convince employers and employees from electrical engineering that they will need IT competences in the near future.

The roll out of a smart grid infrastructure will change the demand for combined electrical and IT skills dramatically. While the traditional qualification schemes does not include IP competences for electricians, we want to raise awareness for this need. As a result we expect a demand for training smart grid installers. They will find matching learning material on the Netspace platform of the Cisco Networking Academy soon.

The e-Skills week supported activities around smart grid content and will include an awaireness raising campaign and a serious of public conferences for small companies and employees in the electrical craft sector. Cisco and the further training institution BFE will join competences and forces to reach out to people with roots in the craft sector. During a planning meeting the marketing plan was discussed and two main conferences scheduled. Further coordination will happen during bi-weekly virtual meetings.


Picture: BFE and Cisco teams after the planning meeting on 19th March 2014

IT Nuggets @AINAC 2014

The IT Nuggets Workshops have become a fixed requirement in the agenda of a Networking Academy Day in Austria.  For NetAcad Instructors it is the one and only time every year to personally speak and discuss technical questions with members from the Technical Team. This is one of the main reasons they participate.

The Austrian Community wants to thank Bogdan Doina and Giuseppe Cinque for their invaluable contribution to the Networking Academy Days. Until next year!

Bogdan2013Here is Bogdan`s Review and Resource Package:

Thank you for your invitation to AINAC. It was a very successful event and I look forward to your implementation of the clear take-aways from the IT Nugget workshops into your classrooms.

It was fun playing the game and I found our discussions afterwards very affirmative and productive. I welcome opportunities to collaborate with you and would like to expand the dissemination of the game inside your communities.

Conquer the Network

Extra resources requested by Instructors @NetSpace:

I enjoyed the IoE keynote and your great feedback and want to refer you to following materials:

IoE Vision –  Value at Stake

Please note that the resources are located in NetSpace where you will need to login.
Educators and instructors new to the Cisco Networking Academy Program please contact jjerlich@cisco.com or your local academy program manager in your region.

Looking forward to continue working with you and meeting you in one of the numerous instructor activities we run on a continuous basis. See you again next year!

Retrospect AINAC 2014

More than 200 educators participated in the Austria International Networking Conference from 4. to 6.3.2014 at the FH Technikum Wien in Vienna. The focus topic was the practical use of mobile gadgets in class. Exams in a digital environment, central assessment and data security were in the center of discussion for the last 3 days.


The event program was designed around today´s media society and the change in teaching and learning. Questions discussed were ranging from “Can you teach a class with less than 140 characters – in a Twitter format – to the presentation of learning materials in the form of a game, with the aim to again be able to engage students in activities that make them learn. This may sound like an easy task. Gamification – yes, there is a term for this – is not easy at all but apparently the recipe for waking up unmotivated students.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATo be able to really understand how something works, you  need to experience it yourself.  Said and done: Bogdan Doina from the Technical Team of the Cisco Networking Academy created the game “Conquer the Network” and played it with the Austrian instructors. Our instructors played the game with passion and the feedback was great from all sides. Facit: The game will be used in class. We are looking forward to feedback from you and your students.

The News from Cisco Networking Academy answers the question “Why do power grids need to become smart?”. Carsten Johnson reported about the project group developing a Smart Grid Curriculum in Germany. Cisco Austria is in preparation of a integrated Smart Power Grid solution: Mikel Gindy leads a pilot project with Salzburg AG and the University of Applied Science in Salzburg researching a technical solution that will be the first of its kind on the globe. Thomas Sommer from FH Technikum Wien introduced us to the overal picture of smart power grids and their characteristics.

We are very happy to not have to say Good Bye until next year. We will continue to update you at  www.ainac.at and hope to win some of you to be part of the team leading this initiative.

We want to thank all participants, the Austrian Ministry of Education and all companies that made the 14. AINAC a success.

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